AQUAmatrix – What is it?


AQUAmatrix is the commercial management system designed and used by EPAL – Empresa Portuguesa das Águas Livres, SA.

This system has been developed progressively through:

  • New operational features related to mobility, in terms of connection processes for building networks and housing estates, meter reading collection and information from supply locations as well as work orders.
  • Improving strategic, operational and tactical information, to achieve higher levels of sophistication, specialisation and professionalism, in line with the guidelines defined for the sector and anticipating regulatory requirements.

AQUAmatrix allows improvements in utility management models through an integrated approach to commercial and technical management, supported by information systems that guarantee an increase in efficiency and effectiveness, with a systematic maintenance and monitoring of resources, both human and physical.

The market is increasingly recognising the added value of AQUAmatrix, EPAL, S.A. having begun commercial activities based on the service provision model of an ASP – Application Service Provider regime, already used by more than two dozen organisations in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, covering more than 1,465,000 customers.