AQUAmatrix – Differentiating Factors

AQUAmatrix was created for the water, sewage and municipal solid waste sector, benefiting from constant development since 1996 to respond to market needs and guarantee customer satisfaction. It has functional and technical characteristics, supplemented by a team with extensive experience in business and information technology consulting, with extensive knowledge of the water sector and high response capacity, allowing highly successful migrations from other applications.

Functional Characteristics

  • Aimed specifically at the water, sewage and municipal urban waste sector
  • Provides monitoring mechanisms through activity and performance indicators of the managing body
  • Modular and adaptable to management development
  • 360º view for the customer

Technical Characteristics

  • Integrated mobility e.g. PDAs
  • Interfaces included in the basic package (ERP, GIS, asset management, telemetry, document management, etc.)
  • Customisable solution, with flexibility of parameterisation according to needs
  • Electronic document filing

Support Factors

  • Extensive knowledge of the business
  • Proven experience in the largest national water utility and in dozens of national and foreign companies in the sector
  • Speed of response
  • Business consulting